Cell Phones for Soldiers

March 27th, 2012

2011 Totals Are In!

Thanks to your hard work and passion for supporting troops abroad, Cell Phones for Soldiers collected 1,524,733 number of phones in 2011. That means 91,483,980 minutes of FREE talk time was supplied to soldiers across the world. Thanks so much for your time and commitment for making this happen!

Volunteer Spotlight: Alvin Chanon
Cell Phones for Soldiers is very lucky to have so many fantastic volunteers across the nation leading cell phone drives and spreading our mission. We wanted to tell you a little about one of those fabulous volunteers, Alvin Chanon.
Chanon, 83, leads collection efforts through the Jewish War Veterans post 717 in Oceanside N.Y., where he serves as Vice Commander. Chanon, who spends his time between Coconut Creek, Fla., and Oceanside, N.Y., has been instrumental in starting cell phone drives in both

He served in the United States Army and was stationed in Germany, from 1951-1953, during the Cold War. As he moved into civilian life, he worked full-time in sales until the age of 76. He now enjoys volunteering and helping organizations that support Veterans.
“I get such satisfaction making a sizeable pickup and more so when we get to make a shipment,” said Chanon. “In December our shipment was the largest ever of 336 phones”.
He has personally been responsible for donating more than 155,000 minutes of free talk to our service men and women.
to enjoy the inspiring video that was put together by the city of Coconut Creek, featuring Alvin Chanon and his passion for Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Photo courtesy of US Airforce Recruiting Office, Haddonfield, NJ
You can donate gently-used phones now! – DROP OFF YOUR USED CELL PHONES AT THE MAILS INN .

located at 15981 Yarnell St Sylmar, CA 91342 for more info call 818 833 4349
Did you know that April 22 is Earth Day?
What do you plan to do to help the environment for Earth Day? Consider collecting unused mobile phones to recycle for Cell Phones for Soldiers. Not only will you help the environment, but you will also help troops call home!
Here are a few fast facts on why you should recycle your cell phone;
* Electronic waste is the most quickly growing waste concern worldwide.
* Each year, more than 130 million cell phones are decommissioned in the U.S. alone.
* The average life span of a cell phone is only eighteen months.
* Nationwide, it is estimated that only 1% of retired cell phones are recycled or reused. The remainder litter closets, drawers, and unfortunately landfills.
* Phones contain hazardous chemicals and heavy metals, which pollute the earth if placed in landfills.
* Cell phone recycling has even become a requirement in some states and counties.
* Phone reuse and recycling has significant environmental benefits.




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