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February 27th, 2014

Cell Phones For Soldiers Provides Positive Results in 2013
With the recent conclusion of its ninth year, Cell Phones For Soldiers is celebrating continued success for its programs benefitting military families and veterans.

In 2013, more than 23 million minutes of free talk time were provided through Minutes That Matter, the charity’s long-standing calling card program. These minutes were distributed via 380,000 calling cards to United States military members stationed around the world.

Similarly, Helping Heroes Home assisted more than 370 veterans with one-time emergency needs to help transition to post-combat life. Needs such as communication services, paying for rent to avoid eviction, imperative car repairs, and more were provided to veterans.

Cell Phones For Soldiers’ co-founders, Robbie and Brittany Bergquist, understand the importance of supporting both active-duty military members and those transitioning to civilian life.

“Each year, we’re amazed at the number of troops and veterans we’re able to assist,” said Robbie Bergquist. “We know our troops will always play an important role in peacekeeping missions across the globe and want to afford them the opportunity to call home for free. It’s also important to be there for our veterans as they shift out of the military.”


We truly appreciate your continued support.

Cell Phones For Soldiers Clerk, Gail Bergquist distributing a calling card to a soldier.
Inspiration Corner
Leaving family behind during deployment is difficult and unimaginable for many of us. And then knowing that you are missing special moments, birthdays, “firsts” for your newborn and holidays is even harder. These military members remind us how priceless connecting with family truly is.

“I received the calling cards in the mail today!! Thank you so much to the Cell Phones For Soldiers organization and staff for everything that you all do for my military family and I. Our flight was excited to know that we have more means of contact with our families while stationed here in Afghanistan. Please send our deepest thanks and appreciation.”

“I have been with you folks since 2006, and you have never failed me. I can’t guess the number of cards you have sent for our warriors and wounded warriors. Our soldiers really thank you for your kindness. The cards arrived yesterday, and I have 100 folks flying out today for Afghanistan, and each will get two cards. Again, thanks for what you people do, and I can only hope that the need for cards will dwindle in the near future.”

For more inspirational notes, visit Cell Phones for Soldiers’ Military Corner.
Did You Know?

Have you tried Cell Phones For Soldiers digital calling cards yet? If not, give it a try. It is the fastest way to send Minutes That Matter to your loved one. Request one here, today!

Cell Phone Donation Tips

Cell Phones For Soldiers is grateful for any and all types of donated cell phones, regardless of carrier. Newer gently-used cellular devices are preferred; however, proceeds are still generated from the recycling of broken and dated devices. Chargers and accessories are welcome but are not necessary to donate. Please do not send instruction manuals; we recommend recycling them locally.


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